Sunglasses 101: The Best Styles For Your Face Shape

May 06, 2017

One accessory that’s often overlooked for both function and fashion are sunglasses. Sunglasses do much more than protect our eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays. They make an important statement about our style, they prevent fine eye lines and wrinkles, they allow you to people watch without being creepy, and they even hide our appearance after a night of debauchery. Because you can wear sunglasses for many reasons and many seasons, it’s important to invest in a pair that is suited to your face shape. While you might think any pair of sunglasses will do the trick, just like denim, there are some styles that are more flattering than others. So, rather than risk a major style mistake and end up looking bug-eyed or like a blast from the past, let us help you find the perfect pair for your face shape using our curated short list.
1. Heart-shaped face 
Someone with a heart-shaped face has a wider forehead and a significantly narrower chin. For this shape, it’s best to have your sunglasses mimic your face shape, and the perfect pair to do the trick is Aviators. If you have more delicate facial features, you’re going to want to stick to thinner frames, however, if your features are more dramatic, pick frames that are bigger and bolder. Your sunglasses should make a statement, just like you do!

2. Round face 
Unlike the heart-shaped face, those with a round face are going to want to wear sunglasses that contrast their face shape. In fact, round, circular sunglasses should be avoided at all costs. Styles that work best for this face shape are wayfarers or square frames. In this case, the phrase “square peg, round hole” makes the perfect match. 
3. Square face 
Just like round-shaped faces should wear square frames, square-shaped faces should wear round frames. But when it comes to your sunnies, size does matter! So if you have a larger face, bigger frames are better, and if you have a smaller face, opt for a slimmer frame. Remember, proportion is the key to style success.
4. Oval face 
For those with an oval face shape, you’ve hit the sunglasses jackpot. Most styles work for your face shape, making your opportunities endless. However, one style that you should consider sporting poolside are the fashion forward cat eyes. You’ll have everyone thinking “meow”.

Whether you’re an early bird prepping for an epic summer ahead or just in major need of an overhaul in the shade department, make sure you keep these tips in mind before you slip on your next pair of sunglasses. We promise, you’ll go from fumbling to fab, real quick.

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