April 20, 2017

With spring in full force, it’s time to do some updating around the house. While we often think of refreshing our wardrobes to match the current trends, we sometimes forget to switch out our household essentials like our candles. A candle burning in the home can easily transform the mood and atmosphere of a space, and while the days are getting warmer, nothing can quite change the ambiance like a candle can. Whether you choose to burn a candle in the backyard for a late-night barbecue or have it burning for Sunday brunch, these spring signature scents are just what you need to fully embrace the season.


1. Oh honey, honey

This spring is all about the sweet smell of honeysuckle. With a delicate balance of both warm and fruity notes, this signature scent is perfect for a late morning brunch and will have you longing for May’s flowers.


2. Freshly washed

Since spring is a season that’s all about renewal and coming clean, it should come as no surprise that fresh laundry smells are prominent at this time of year. Creating a light and airy ambiance, signature scents like White Cotton and Soft Linen from Bath & Body Works are a perfect way to make your home feel anew.


3. Mahogany everything

While mahogany is typically associated with the fall, it’s undergoing a spring transformation as it is currently being paired with sweet scents like peach and coconut. The balance of both sweet and rich, and feminine and masculine creates an unbeatable combination that is perfect for those late-night glasses of wine at the cabin.


4. Tiki time

This season, you don’t need to fly all the way to Hawaii to experience the tropical scents associated with island life. From the Tiki Beach and Coconut Leaves candles at Bath and Body Works to the Hawaiian Kukui at The Body Shop, there’s no shortage of island love. Paired perfectly with a magazine or book, these tropical scents are the ideal weekend RnR mood setter.


5. Coastal Life

To prep you for summer’s upcoming sea salt, sand and sun adventures, consider incorporating the smells of coastal living. Whether that includes Mediterranean Sea salt or the Pacific breeze is up to you, but we guarantee this signature scent will help create the dreamiest date night experience.


When updating your home and space to match spring’s signature scents, keep Londonderry top of mind. Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop and Winners are must-stop shops for anything home fragrance related, transforming your space to feel, and most importantly, smell spring fresh.

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