Quick & Easy Recipes to be Thankful For

October 05, 2017

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all that we’ve been blessed with in life and often includes our loved ones, successes throughout the year and more. But you know what we’re also thankful for? Potlucks. Whoever made it kosher to do Thanksgiving dinner potluck style deserves a free turkey. For some, there’s nothing more stressful than having to cook a huge feast for five, ten or fifteen plus people. So in celebration of Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, here are a few recipes that are stress-free, allow time for binge-watching Riverdale, and will still put family and friends in a food coma.


1. Feature Drink – Pumpkin Spice Whisky Cocktails

For any hostess looking to spice things up this Thanksgiving dinner with something different, try a PSW. With the majority of ingredients being pantry staples like nutmeg and cinnamon, this stovetop cocktail will easily become a seasonal favourite.



2. Appetizer - Deviled Eggs

For all you not-so-master-chefs out there, here’s an idea that is low cost, low maintenance but high in popularity – deviled eggs. With four ingredients and two easy steps, you’ll want to claim first dibs on preparing a starter dish.



3. Main - Slow-Cooker Scalloped Potatoes

Pull your stretchy denim out of the closet because this recipe is creamy, cheesy and everything you want on Thanksgiving Day. Tossing the ingredients in the crockpot is easy, holding back from two, three, or dare we say four servings is the hard part.



4. Side - Pull-apart Garlic Rolls

Is using pre-made refrigerated biscuit dough cheating? Who cares if it’s delicious! And that’s exactly how this recipe tastes. Set aside five to ten minutes for prepping and 15 to cook, and you’ll be golden – well at least your dinner rolls will be.



5. Dessert - Caramel Apple Cheesecake

This is the cherry on top “go out with a bang” kind of dessert. This caramel apple cheesecake combines all the great fall flavours to make one sweet satisfactory dish. Make this a little less labor-intensive and buy a pie shell ready to fill. 



All ingredients are available at Save On Foods and Liquor Depot in Londonderry Mall! Wishing all of Edmonton success in the kitchen and a Happy Thanksgiving!

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