How to Throw a Super Bowl Party on a Budget

January 22, 2018

Next Sunday, February 4th, the Philadelphia Eagles will face the New England Patriots. Hello, Super Bowl 2018! If all goes well for the Patriots, this could be Tom Brady’s sixth Super Bowl win (thanks, Google). Ok, we don’t know a lot about football, but we do know how to throw a good party. Plus, we don’t mind watching the players, and the event is usually super fun. You’re surrounded by friends, family, good vibes and great food. Hosting can be a stressful and costly time, so we’re here to help you make it a lot easier. One stop to Londonderry and you’ll be party ready!

The Food
Hosting a vegetarian? A&W
Onion rings, fries, and sweet potato fries. Nobody will be complaining about this carb-heavy selection.

Meat lovers? KFC
There’s a meal size for every crowd. Check out their mixed bucket meals or original bucket feasts. Popcorn chicken is addictive, and we bet your crowd will love it.

Snack lovers?  Shoppers Drug Mart
Chips, dips, popcorn, chocolate, candy, frozen pizzas, frozen apps; the options are limitless here.

The Décor
Dollarama & Dollar Tree. Grab plates, napkins and cutlery that match your teams’ colours (no dishes for this gal) streamers and balloons.

The Outfit
Whether you want to invest and grab your teams’ jersey, or you just want a t-shirt to wear to bed at night (and to this party), Foot Locker has you covered.

If you really want to get into the occasion, lather on the classic football eye black. Face paint works here. If you don’t have a stick of your own, Dollarama & Dollar Tree or Spencers can help!


Wear a little extra luck underneath! We love these cute undies from La Senza. Remember, navy for the Patriots and teal for the Eagles.














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