Five Tips From The Tailor

March 02, 2017

It’s time to set the record straight, clothing you find in stores today was not made to fit you. Instead, garments are made based on the size of the company’s fit model and are then mass-produced with the expectation that the items will fit us all perfectly too. Unfortunately, this is not a realistic goal, as we all have different shapes and sizes. However, this point doesn’t translate well into the fitting room when you’re on your 14th pair of jeans. Instead, you leave the store feeling frustrated thinking that you’ll never find clothes that fit you ever again. But, the time to fight for better fitting clothing has arrived!
Whether you’ve purchased a new blazer, or need to re-work a pair of old dress pants, Best Fit Tailor and Londonderry Tailor can guide you on the path to the perfect fit for you. Yes, you. In case you’re unaware of the magic behind the tailor’s machine, we’ve outlined five simple alterations for a better fit that won’t break the bank, but will have you looking oh-so-fine.  
1. Cinch it in 

One of the easiest alterations to make is taking an item in at the waist. While the tailor’s work is simple, the difference it makes on your garment is huge. So instead of wearing a boxy dress or shapeless blazer, get your tailor to cinch the waist, and voila, your garment and body is transformed.  
2. Alter those arms 

Not only can tailors adjust the width of a sleeve that’s way too wide, but they can also open a tight armhole to allow more room. So rather than having a garment restrict your arm’s range of motion (guilty!), one trip to the tailor will have you breathing and moving much more easy. You can thank us later. 
3. Pass on the pleats 

Have a pair of dress pants in your closet that you absolutely adore, but the pleats on the pants are no longer doing you any favours? We feel you. All you need to do is talk to your tailor and he or she can remove your pleats and have your pants looking much more sleek and you looking show stopping.  
4. Zip it up 

Adding or replacing a zipper is an easy addition to any dress that you’re struggling to get into or winter jacket that’s been around for too many seasons to count. This quick fix makes a big difference on almost any item in your wardrobe.

5. New neckline  

Got a neckline that’s not doing you any justice? Instead of tossing that item aside, work with a tailor to restyle the neckline. From removing a collar to transforming a crewneck into a boatneck, they can do just about anything.
Keep these tricks in mind the next time you’re about to throw out an old pair of dress pants that aren’t quite the current style or pass up a stunning blouse that needs a minor nip, tuck.  With hundreds of unique alteration services offered at Londonderry Tailor and Best Fit Tailor, they can help you create custom pieces fit perfectly for you – not the fit model. 

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