Five Spring Closet Cleaning Tricks

April 06, 2017

Spring is finally upon us and with the changing of the seasons it’s the perfect time for a “spring-clean” to start fresh!  While we shake the winter dust from our yards, cars and homes, it’s just as important to take a stab at our closets. While the task can seem daunting and unappealing (trust us, we get it!), the rewards are worth all the time, effort and style questioning when you pull out that sequined skirt or shoulder-padded blazer.
With these simple closet-cleaning tricks, your closet will get the makeover it deserves and you’ll never have to utter those five little words again – “I have nothing to wear”. Well, at least until next season anyway. ;) 


1. Pull out everything from your closet 

And when we say everything, we mean everything. Not only is it important to start fresh for organizational purposes, it’s just as important to see everything that you own. By starting with an empty closet, you can consciously choose what items you want to put back into it and what items don’t make the cut. If possible, try and empty your closet out onto your bed. This way, you absolutely have to finish dealing with your closet before your head hits your pillow.  
2. Grab four bins  

When cleaning out your closet, you’ll need four bins on hand. The first bin is for all your wardrobe items that you’re looking to keep, but simply need storing – think your heavy wool knits, winter jackets and accessories like a toque or faux fur stole. There’s no point in keeping these items in your day-to-day closet, as they just take up space and make it harder for your spring items to shine.
The second bin is for items you are looking to donate. Donated items include: out of style clothing, items you can’t sell, non-damaged or discoloured garments, and anything that is not underwear.
The third bin is for any items that need repairing or special laundering. However, it’s only reserved for clothes that you will actually fix or dry clean. If this item has sat in your repair pile for months with no attention given, it’s time to give it the heave-ho!
The last bin is for any items that you no longer want and don’t meet the criteria for donation. For these garments, follow N’SYNC’s lead and say ‘bye, bye, bye!’ 


3. Ask the tough questions  

Before placing any items back in your closet, you need to have a real talk with your clothes. By asking yourself these hard questions, you know what you really need to let go and what is worth holding on to. Here are the tough questions you need to ask yourself before placing an item back in your closet:

  • Does it still fit?
  • Have I worn it in the last 12 months?
  • Would I wear it again?
  • Do I love the way it looks on me?

And most importantly, “If I saw it in a store now, would I buy it?”
If you can answer yes to all of the above questions, then your garment has definitely earned its place in your wardrobe. If you answered no to any of the above questions, you know it’s time to part ways. 

4. Reverse hang 

Now that you’ve sorted out your bins and asked the tough questions, your next step in closet cleaning is to put the garments you want to keep back in your closet. While this seems like a simple task, you need to be strategic. When hanging all your clothes back in your closet, make sure you reverse hang your hangers so that they face you. Every time you wear an item make sure you hang it back up in the closet facing away from you. By following this strategy, the next time you go to clean out your closet you’ll have an accurate idea of the garments you wear and the garments you don’t. At the end of the season, any hangers that are still facing you, you know have to go.  
5. Be creative  

Now that the elimination phase is over, the last step in closet cleaning is getting creative with how you choose to organize your clothes. Some tips and tricks include:

  • Organizing by colour palette
  • Organizing by clothing category (i.e. work attire, weekend wear, workout clothing, etc.)
  • Using dividers in tight spaces such as your underwear drawer, your sweater shelf, etc.
  • Maximizing untapped space (i.e. hanging an over-the-door shoe bag on your closet door, putting your shoes underneath your clothes to make the most of floor space, etc.)

However you choose to organize your closet, make sure that it makes sense to you. While Pinterest offers amazing inspiration, ultimately only you know how to best organize your spring wardrobe so that you can dress for success.  
When cleaning out your closet this spring, keep Londonderry in mind. Winners and Dollarama are must-stop shops for anything related to closet organization – from hangers to storage baskets and bins. And once you’re done all your closet cleaning, we’ve got everything you need to get your wardrobe spring fresh! 

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