Family Day with the Little Ones

February 19, 2018

Let’s start by saying this: today is a PJ day from beginning to end. Hopefully you’re up and at ‘em early, because you’ll need all day to tackle the below (very relaxing!) ideas. Let’s begin. . .


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
Make your AM extra-fun with these Chunky Money Waffles. Chocolate dipped bananas, strawberry jam, and maple syrup; are you drooling yet?
The kids can mix the dry ingredients together, and the adults can handle all of the other hard stuff. #teamwork, right?


Get crafty
Donut you just love crafts? These fancy donuts will look super cute on your kids’ walls or pinned up on the fridge.  


Closet raid
Let the kids explore your closet and put on a fashion show. Create your own red carpet and snap some pics for memories.


Bring the theatre home
Enhance family-movie fun by creating some homemade tickets (construction paper works here) and your very own snack bar. If you really want to go all out, have the fam pay with fake money. The kids will have a blast creating (and participating) in this!


Tackle a puzzle
Extend the family day bonding time into the coming weeks with a challenging puzzle. You can work on it every Sunday after! Don’t give up.


Try glamping camping, indoors
S’mores, indoors? Yes, please! The kids can set up the blanket fort while the adults get started on the snacks. Amp this up with sleeping bags, board games, story time, and some laughs!  

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