7 Trendy Costumes For 2017

October 19, 2017

Halloween is right around the corner and whether you like dressing up or not, you’ve probably gotten at least one invite to a costume party. And there’s always that yearly battle – do you avoid or embrace the expected costumes of the year? In our mind, it’s your choice and costumes can be as simple or as complicated, as popular or as unpopular as you want them to be. To help you discover what’s out there this year, we’ve got a list of the best head-to-toe costumes and accessories to find at Londonderry.

Wonder Woman
Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a beautiful Amazonian woman? Even though it is undoubtedly going to be one of the most popular costumes of the year, we advocate for as many girls and ladies possible letting their inner warrior loose. Shop for all things Wonder Woman at Spencer’s Gifts.

Pennywise from It
You might terrify anyone with a clown phobia but hey – it’s Halloween, right? Get your wig and face paint from Spencer’s and a frilly number of your mom’s from the 80’s and you’ll be set!

Josie (or one of her Pussycats) from Riverdale
All you need is a set of cat ears from Claire’s and you’re basically good to go. Just remember the Pussycats have their fair share of sass so make sure your outfit has a little somethin’ somethin’.

A character from Beauty and the Beast
Of course, Belle is the obvious choice, but there are so many other supporting characters to consider like Lumiere, Mrs Potts or our favourite, Fifi the feather duster! Claire’s has all the glitter and fluff you need to create this costume.

90’s Baywatch
With the recent not-so-great remake (The Rock is no Hasselhoff), there are tons of Baywatch options out there for girls and guys. Spencer’s has the best selection of classic his and her red uniforms.

Stranger Things
With the second season of Stranger Things coming out soon, you’d get our vote for timeliness with a costume inspired by the show. The best part of this costume is that you can find bits and pieces from so many stores. But, whatever you choose to do, don’t forget your Demogorgon.  

*Keychain from Spencer's Gifts

Animal Onesies
One of the easiest costumes of all is an animal onesie with just one zip to get the job done. Between Spencer’s Gifts, Ardene and Urban Planet, you’ll surely find your matching spirit animal somewhere.


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