6 Tools of the Coffee Trade

September 07, 2017

Summer is turning to fall, flip flops get traded for riding boots, warm coffee is favored over iced coffee and we are totally ok with that! It’s the season of transition and that includes our favourite items in the food and drink category. Because it requires a bit more finesse to make the perfect warm beverage, we’ve got a list of handy tools to have in the kitchen when making a basic black coffee or a triple, triple with extra foam.


French Press – Hudson’s Bay
We could go on and on about this piece but for the coffee aficionado, it’s the perfect combination of style and functionality blending the traditional with a more modern aesthetic. While it might be an upfront investment, a life-lasting Le Creuset press will add more than just a punch of 
colour to your collection of even-heating stoneware. More colours available at Hudson’s Bay!


Milk Frother – Stokes
Small but useful, this tool is for the latte lover. Whip milk in a matter of seconds with the Viva Perfect 
thinkkitchen, a high-speed milk frother. Not limited to coffee, you can even use it to mix your salad dressings too! Pick one up at Stokes.


Mugs – Winners
Life happens, coffee helps, and so do cute mugs to drink from. Shop for a wide range of coffee cups at Winners, big or small, monogrammed, patterned, or trimmed in gold. Available at affordable price points, you can have a different one for every day of the week!



Tea Infuser – David’s Tea
If coffee isn’t your go-to drink, add some style to your teacup with this Pear Infuser for your loose-leaf teas. Buy one apple topper and one pear topper to take advantage of the 2 for $20 deal!



Nespresso – Hudsons Bay
There’s nothing like sipping on a hot cup of coffee that tastes just like it came from your favourite specialty coffee shop. Nespresso is your best bet for high-end, high quality at home coffee with a variety of pods to choose from.


Pumpkin Spice Latte - Starbucks
It’s that time of year - the PSL is back and it’s one of our fall favourites by far! Quite frankly, it’s too hard to replicate so head out to Starbucks and get your dose of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove topped with whipped cream and pumpkin pieces. It's practicallydessert in a cup and available for a limited time only!

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