5 Beat the Heat Treats in the Food Court

July 06, 2017

Heat rays and summer days have us craving frozen treats! Everyone knows that calories don’t count in the summer anyway, so don’t beat yourself up over one too many ice cream sandwiches. During your next visit to Londonderry, chill out from shopping and take a frozen food tour through the food court. It’s the best cool-down trick in the book when hot summer temps are about to get the best of you.

Orange Julius – Pina Colada Julius
Walking up to Orange Julius and not ordering a Pina Colada Julius just isn’t right. The best part about this creamsicle in a cup is the ability to grab-and-go as you venture from store to store.


Tutti Frutti – Frozen Yogurt
Customize your fro-yo with fruit, sprinkles, and other delicious bits and pieces. Tutti Frutti has endless toppings so you can eat it just the way you like it.  


Purdys –Dipped Ice Cream Bar
Ice cream on a stick sounds so simple, but
Purdys makes it so perfectly complex. Take your pick from many toppings because this is dessert done in all the right ways.


Booster Juice – Matcha Monsoon
Feel a little less guilty about your summer snack selection. Booster Juice has a wide range of smoothies to choose from to re-fuel your body, but next time, mix it up with a little matcha. Packed with all those feel-good nutrients, you won’t regret this decision.


Baskin Robbins – Classic Banana Split Sundae
Caution: Dessert may need friends with spoons to tackle in one sitting. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. With everything jam packed into one great banana boat, this dessert is literally the ‘cherry on top’ of sweet treats. 

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