Londonderry offers free, unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the property. There’s no purchase or subscription required, no password needed and no time limit on your session.

Just open a browser on your laptop or mobile device and click Connect, or choose the Londonderry Free Wifi out of your list. We want to provide you with a great digital experience to go with your Londonderry shopping experience. We hope you’ll visit us soon!


Q: How do I connect to the Internet? 

     A: Go to the Wi-Fi setting on your mobile device.  Select Londonderry Wi-Fi, review Terms of Service, click Connect

Q: Where is the Wi-Fi available?

     A: Wi-Fi is available throughout the mall

Q: Is there an access code to connect?

     A: There is no access code required.  All you must do is agree to the Terms of Service.

Q: Who do I go to if I am experiencing difficulties connecting to Wi-Fi? 

     A: If you are experiencing difficulties with your connection, visit Guest Services on the upper level near Tim Hortons. 

Q: Is Wi-Fi available on my phone or laptop? 

     A: Wi-Fi is available on any mobile device.

Q: Is there a cost to use the Wi-Fi?

     A: Londonderry Mall provides FREE Wi-Fi to its customers.

Q: Why is the connection slow? 

     A: We cannot guarantee that Wi-Fi service will not be impacted by factors that slow performance, including the number of connections throughout the property at any given time.  As with any service of this nature, there are "hot spots" and "dead zones" throughout the mall. 

Q: Why do I lose the connection?

     A:  The connection can be lost when moving locations or if there are too many people trying to connect at any given time. 



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