Everyone is welcome at Londonderry and we continually strive to improve the shopping centre's convenience and accessibility with:

  • Complimentary wheelchairs at the Guest Services desk
  • Reserved parking spaces at each entrance for handicap accessibility
  • Automatic door at all entrances
  • Accessible washrooms
  • 2 Elevators located centrally in the shopping centre and adjacent entrance 3 / Shoppers Drug Mart 
  • If you require assistance, conctact us prior to your visit at Guest Services 780-476-1441 and we will do everything possible to make your visit to Londonderry as pleasant as possible.

We recognize that while our programs provide a useful service to many of our visitors, they may not meet the needs of all of our visitors as many may have specific requirements. Whenever it is safe to do so, any visitor who requires a piece of equipment, or service animal, to accommodate a disability may bring their equipment or animal to Londonderry shopping centre with them.

Our Guest Service amenities are part of a commitment to making Londonderry a safe and comfortable place to visit. This commitment includes handicap and family parking throughout the property, family & handicap washrooms located on both levels, and trained emergency responders onsite.

We are continuously making strides to improve. If you have concerns or questions about our accessiblity, or the equipment available from our Guest Services, we encourage you to contact our Guest Service desk at 780-476-1441.

Saturday 9:30am - 5:30pm

Call (780) 476-1441 (780) 476-1441

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